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Imagine a life split like an whole pie, different people pulling you different ways. Causing you to feel different energies and emotion…but none of your on…what is your deepest darkest secret…except the truth it will free your soul…never lie to self, we all hold the truth, and every answer to every problem.


Do work

Im whatever you want me to be and nothing you assume!!! Know thy self and get the fuck out my face.


Everything Love

This point of no return, self-realization! When you know better you do better…or do you…temptation will always be their im just glad i built up the courage to say no…surround ur self with the change you want to see in the world… sometimes it really suck when your parents inform you of something that ends up being true…rambling because i dont want to sleep…good day to those just waking up and goodnight to the rest i hope you remember your dreams….peace


Everything Love

It feels good to be free!!!


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